Bild zeigt das Löschen eines Feuers


We play with fire, purposely!


How to face risks safely

The Challenge

When it comes to fire protection, employees are often unprepared, mainly due to a lack of experience. Because traditional fire protection trainings rely on power point presentations and long theoretical sessions, the aspect of “just try it yourself” has diminished.

Our solution

We created a multi-step learning experience that perfectly complements a traditional fire-prevention training. The basics of fire protection can be trained with the use of our learning modules, before testing the acquired skills in a final test.


Being able to trust yourself is important and exactly what users can learn in this application. Through multiple repetitions and practise scenarios the important steps are internalized. This ensures that important information will be remembered.


The advantages


Playing with fire is dangerous. Not in virtual reality though. You can sense danger, without it actually being there. So, no burns, smoke poisoning or itchy eyes. No matter how often you redo the training. Consequently, without consequences.

Bild zeigt Symbol für Sicherheit


Danger only hits the right spot, if it feels real. Only then can the user prepare for real life scenarios. Realistic spread of fire, different types of fuel and explosions – our application does exactly that.

Bild zeigt Symbol für Flexibilität

Cost efficiency

The use of resources in traditional fire safety training is tremendous. Fire extinguishers, simulators, protective clothing … just to name a few. Our software eliminates these problems. Just start the application on the number of computers you desire, put on your VR headset and start the training.