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VR increases
safety of
dialysis patients

VR Dialysis Training


How your mind protects your belly.

The Challenge

Being able to perform a PD in the comfort of your own home means both an incredible amount of freedom and an increased risk of peritonitis. One small mistake during preparation can have great consequences. That is why an effective training of patients is necessary but not yet available in a standardized, digital manner.

Our solution

With the help of medical experts, we complemented the traditional video training course with a virtual reality application: The patient can thereby witness a PD first hand. During practice, he can make mistakes risk-free whilst getting visual, acoustic and haptic feedback. He is guided by a virtual intelligent trainer, who supports him throughout the process.
Nurses can also use our training application to learn about the standardized procedures.


The patients can playfully acquire the necessary skills needed for a PD. According to our recent studies, learning with VR as opposed to traditional training, increases the learning outcome significantly. Patients learn through their own mistakes, without putting themselves in danger. Compared to trainings from caregivers, VR training requires less personal resources and simultaneously provides a more standardized procedure than traditional training methods.


The advantages


Through collaboration with users and experts a new standardized procedure was established which incorporates all necessary steps in PD. This way standards that minimize the patients risk were introduced.

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Enhanced safety

When it comes to your health, there is no room for mistakes. In our secure virtual worlds mistakes can be made without harmful consequences. An important factor in order to stay risk free in real situations.

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Individual pace

Everybody is different. Every user learns at his own pace and to his own ability, continuing to the next step only if the step before was completed correctly. This allows users of all age groups to learn without any pressure.