Bild zeigt einen Chemikanten bei der Arbeit


Education –

Training workers in highly explosive and toxic chemicals


and completely harmless in VR

The Challenge

The digitalisation of workspaces, increasing complexity of tasks, changing security guidelines and the need for fundamental knowledge are problems, which Professionals and apprentices have to face. Education currently cannot keep up with these rapid changes, so new concepts are needed.

Our Solution

Our Chemist VR Learning modules have been designed to extend the traditional cross-sector certificate schooling of chemical technicians. Additionally, we focus on learning content which reality cannot provide. A trainee is thereby picked up at his learning stage and iteratively brought towards his learning objectives.


We developed a learning experience which includes all relevant topics of successful education:
Application and transfer of knowledge as well as a widespread understanding.


The advantages

Generic content

How did we manage to provide a solution that serves the individual needs across the chemical industry? We used generic contents, so no company-specific details are displayed. However, what you learned can still be applied to the specifics of every individual chemistry plant later on.

Bild zeigt Symbol für Sicherheit


If you want to target multiple user groups, like apprentices and experienced workers, you will have to design accordingly. It takes time to hit the right nerve but believe us: it´s worth the effort.

Bild zeigt Symbol für Flexibilität


During the training of chemical technicians there are numerous topics which shall be learnt in our VR training application. That is why we designed a modular application where new learning modules are implemented bit by bit.