How VR leads to exceptional learning

We are Weltenmacher. We improve education by using virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Our trainings assist apprentices, skilled professionals and also patients in achieving their goals in a safe and motivating environment.

With WM TUTOR, we offer a complete VR-Training concept. To specifically assist learners in the digital world, we developed an intelligent virtual trainer, which adjusts content and speed to each individual user.



Mastering VR Training.

Intelligent Tutor


In order to personalize learning experiences in our virtual worlds we developed our own „digital teacher“. This technology builds the foundation for adaptive learning scenarios in virtual reality. Through this, we achieve efficient trainings, improved learning results and reduced costs.

Knowledge must be



Knowledge ≠ Education

What do chocolate and educational systems have in common? They both originated from a time before digitalisation. While chocolate still fulfills its purpose our educational systems struggle to do the same.

In the past, knowledge and information was scarce, but things changed. Since the smartphone, knowledge is available “at a fingertip”, so long nights of studying are becoming less relevant. Simultaneously, more important key-humane abilities like creativity, reasoning and decision making are taking the empty spot.

Education in VR

Virtual realities promote abilities, which traditional or E-Learning methods fail to convey. This is the advantage VR has over traditional trainings, WBTs or other E-Learning methods: playfully testing capabilities and situations under real circumstances.

VR Training solutions seamlessly adapt to traditional teaching techniques. The didactical keyword here being „competence orientation“.


Where to find us


You have to experience our learning scenarios in VR in order to witness their added value.

So why not start with a visit to Duesseldorf?

Das Bild zeigt eine Karte der Anfahrt und den Standort des Praktplatzes

Weltenmacher GmbH

Binterimstraße 8, 40223 Düsseldorf

+49 211-93672898


You can reach us with public transit. Exit the train station DÜSSELDORF BILK. Keep right after leaving the station, after ca. 100m you will turn left on BINTERIM STRASSE. After 50m, enter the courtyard of HOUSE NUMBER 8 on the lefthand side and you reached your destination.

If you are travelling by car, there are several parking spots available in the courtyard.

Come visit us, nothing stands in your way!