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Plan. Build. Reflect.



We are Weltenmacher. Developing games with added value is our passion. Our content isn’t off-the-shelf, it keeps evolving. Just like the newest VR/AR technologies of all the HTCs, Microsofts and Facebooks out there. We have the vision to transfer our educational systems into the digital era.

Whilst it is important to work for your vision or towards your goal, most innovation is found “off the track“.

In 1892 Wrigley Jr. noticed that the additives of his baking powder were more popular than the baking powder itself. Resulting in the creation of a whole new product group that is known all over the world: Chewing gum. Microwaves. Pacemakers. Teabags – all “lucky inventions”.

Except, we don’t believe sole luck to bring forth good ideas, but rather people who recognize the potential of an idea. “Only he who tries, who collects experience and risks making mistakes will keep learning”.
So: We think outside the box.

We are engineers who tell stories. Our team consists of Experts in didactics, spatial and plastic design, interactive storytelling, programming, game and UX- Design. Playfully, we convey content through games based learning, educational games, that inspire and challenge users.
Our digital laboratories are workspaces of the future. A place of dreams where everything is possible. Just come visit us!

Agile Teamwork
– Iterative workflow.

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A deep understanding of the situation is the center of our work.
Through a mutual workshop together with our clients, we lay the foundation, on which we can thoroughly work on the project.


With our goals in mind we establish a guideline which we follow to create our user stories. All whilst considering if (virtual) reality could change our plan.


Every step of the project is worked on in the dedicated area. We already test during development, allowing us to identify potential for improvement.


The result of our work is compared to the goals we set ourselves, under the premise of critical feedback. In the process we collect ideas, which will be part of the next iteration.

Join us

Are you searching for your next challenge in an internationally operating startup and share our vision to improve education with gamified training scenarios? Then take a look at our job offerings and send us your short application.


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We are constantly on the lookout for creative minds. No matter if intern, student, junior or senior – we offer a new home. Just in case you did not find a job offering tailored to your skillset, take the initiative and apply without a fixed profile or strict criteria.

Because rather than CV criteria, we look for individuals. We look for individuals, who know where they want to be, how to get there and how to enjoy the journey. If you are such an individual and want to support our mission, you can directly apply to